October 26th, 2011

Must focus on studying!

Maybe it should have been obvious but interpreting and translating are skills and therefore to improve you need to put in a lot of practice, especially for interpreting.  What I've realised that I actually enjoy gaining new knowledge which is not really what this course is about.  So I'm a bit unsure about my future plans at the moment.

My initials plans were to get a job that used Japanese and science and also allowed me to spend time in both the UK and Japan.  However I think now that I'd also like to be learning and doing new things.  In interpreting and translating you do learn some new things when you have to do background research on a topic but that's more to familiarise yourself with concepts and technical terms.  So I've been considering applying for another masters after this in Nanomedicine and then maybe going into research.  I found a course called "Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine" where you can look at nanotechnology applications in medicine and tissue engineering.  It sounds pretty amazing!  I saw a programme on TV last year where they had a heart and they flushed it all its cells to leave what they called the heart scaffold and they then introduced cells from a different pig (I think it was a pig heart) and the cells multiplied and grew over the scaffold.  They theory was that the shape of the scaffold itself that helped instruct cells how they should grow and what function they should perform. 

BUT, I think I'll have to wait and see if this is just a passing phase and maybe when I'm more used to interpreting I'll enjoy it more.