Voice Recorder!

The university recommended getting a voice recorder for the interpreting part of my course so I did. It's so much fun! It even came with its own little stand and it have two microphones so I can record in stereo! Woohoo!

I'm going to Japan for two weeks on Saturday so I think I'll take it with me and just record random conversations. I'm terrible at keeping holiday diaries and I tend not to take photos of people so this should be a good way to record the 'people' part of my holiday. Maybe other things too like the terrible incoherent speech of bus drivers and insane jingles that play in supermarkets. I can't wait!!!


Once again it was amazing!

When they had the first shot of the people in the temple I saw the job list I thought "Oh how funny, they've put Idol as a job" but I didn't think for a moment it would have any bearing on the episode. The singing and dancing was hilarious, as was the ridiculous band name. Poor Yoshihiko's idol dreams were crushed! I particularly liked his mad dash to the temple to reclaim his old job :D

In other drama news, I've decided to drop Hanawake. I'll probably read some episode summaries to see what happens but it's too painful to actually watch the episode. I can't empathise with any of the characters, with so many of them packed into every episode you'd think at least one would be sensible :(


I think Jiu is getting better!  Episodes 1 & 2 were a bit poor plot-wise.  Sending in defenceless negotiator girl seemed like a stupid risk.  Why not dress up fighter girl and get her to take out the kidnapper?  On the other hand, these first two episodes mainly seem to be there to create a reason for both negotiator girl and fighter girl to move jobs so they're kind of acceptable. 

Episode 3 was much better.  We made some progress on the little boy's kidnapping, some bodies turned up and fighter girl finally left the poorly named SIT to join SAT.  It's hard to take people seriously when they keep talking about シット all the time.  Shirota Yuu turned up which worried me slightly, I don't have the greatest faith in his acting skills.  I think he also needs a haircut, the balance of hair and face leans too much towards hair.

Why am I still watching Hanawake?

I keep thinking that in the next episode things will come together and make sense but no, every week is just a mess.  I find Takemi very annoying and I don't think much effort has been put into making her a likeable character; when everyone was angry at her for not telling Sakurako about Photographer Guy messaging her and spending the night together on the beach, Takemi says "Oh mother would have understood!"  Understood what exactly?  If you know please tell me!  Also nicking Sakurako's prawn tempura, is it meant to be funny?  It was childish and annoying to me.

If you subtract Takemi from the drama, I think it's an ok romance/slice-of-life drama.  Maybe that's why I still watch it.  I'll just have to put up with annoyance and anger I feel whenever Takemi appears :(

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

We're having family to stay this weekend so I thought I'd attempt Lemon Meringues Cupcakes.  It's a recipe from a book I got as a present last Christmas, in fact it's the first recipe I've ever tried from this book... 

Anyway it's basically lemon meringue pie but in a cupcake instead of a pastry case.  The recipe is here.
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Court Debut Postponed!

Today was meant to be my first day of jury service but when I arrived it turned out they'd left be a message saying it was posponed until tomorrow.  As I was already in town I went shopping instead and took advantage of the summer sales. 

When I got back home I had another message.  Jury service is now posponed until next Monday.  Do they even need more jurors?  Just let me off!

Akutou thoughts

I really enjoyed Akutou but subbing it was much harder than Utsukushii Rinjin.

Mild difficulties:
They talked a lot and talked fast so it was tricky to fit everything in. It was tricky to get the subtitles to a length where they could be read in the time the character was speaking. I suspect that in some/many places there wasn't enough time... I think towards the end I got better at this though. I definitely ended up cutting out a few bits here and there to try and get the translated lines to be a decent length.

Bigger difficulties:
Shibata! He was very funny but his style of speech meant translating his lines took some agonising. Maejima also used a fair few idioms which I'd have to look up. Translating idioms is tricky. The technical 'police speak' took a bit of getting used to as well. I watch a fair few police dramas in English though so once I knew the rough meaning it wasn't too hard to come up with a translation.

The next time I sub a drama I think a slightly more sedate one would be a nice change :)

Shopping List!

I'm going to Japan for a couple of weeks in September and I've realised I need to build myself a shopping list! Mustn't waste this opportunity to avoid shipping costs!

1) Tales of Xillia - is it worth the extra money for the special edition?
2) Professor Layton books - I know they're intended for children but I really like Layton!
3) Kanji workbooks - I don't do much writing so this would be good practice
4) Novelised Ico - I loved the game so it's very tempting. I've read some less than good reviews about the plot, but I'm assuming it's well-written.
5) Shamisen - my mother assures me it's not that difficult to pick up. Could be interesting I suppose and I do like the sound of it.

I think I need to do more research into fantasy books.